Friday, 7 March 2014

HBK-4P Laser Sniper

So, I've gone back to my trusty HBK-4P. Of all the HBK variantss this is probably one of the hardest to master - notably due to 9 energy weapon mounts (HOT!!!). All HBKs, bar the HBK-4SP, have a weakness in the obvious hit box which is their large weapon mounted on the right torso. This can be partly negated by mounting hard hitting weapons else where - but this defeats the point of the HBK - it is a SNIPER overall. The positioning of the main weapon in the right torso is perfect for leaning around corners and peeking over inclines.

The HBK-4G is many peoples favourite - typically running an AC20 in the right torso. I, however, find this a bit dull and predictable. I am therefore running with my HBK-4P with two large lasers in the right torso, one large laser in the right arm, one medium laser in the head and one medium laser in the left arm. This fitting, with double heat sinks in the left torso, allows a standard 245 engine to be fitted. Endosteel is also fitted.

This loadout means the HBK-4P favours its right side. It should be played by peeking around cover to the left and firing the two large lasers in the torso followed by the single large laser in the arm. If a mech closes in use to the mediums lasers and the torso lasers, dropping off top the medium when the heat reaches 90% or so.

This is a fun way to run a hunchback and I would recommend it greatly. It's not as predictable as some of the builds and looks pretty awesome when alpha striking! See the link below for the full loadout here.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


This is my first entry onto this blog - which will be dedicated to my general gaming activities. I will update as often as possible. There is no clear theme to this blog and I intend it to develop organically, reflecting my eclectic gaming habits. Although I play a wide variety of games expect healthy dollops of sci-fi and fantasy!

This week I will be playing mech games! Notably Hawken (of which I'm a noob!) and MechWarrior Online (of which I'm pretty experienced at!).

MechWarrior Online
Mech: SDR-5D